Each and every child will be treated as an individual. We will closely monitor your child’s progress and welfare. In cases of ‘anti social’ behavior, staff will endeavor to explain why such behavior is unacceptable. The staff will use only positive guidance, redirection and the setting of clear-cut boundaries that will enable the child to become self- disciplined. Our aim is to encourage the children to be fair, respect property, respect others and to be responsible for their own actions. Discipline and guidance shall be consistent and based on an understanding of the individual needs and development of your child. Aggressive physical behavior towards staff or a child is unacceptable. Staff will intervene immediately when a child becomes physically aggressive to protect all children and encourage more acceptable behavior. Little Gems reserves the right to exclude or require the removal of any child at any time if in the absolute discretion of the Principal and is considered that this is in the best interests of the Pre-School.

Health Cleanliness & Safety

The child is expected to be sent to school with personal hygiene in check and in clean and comfortable clothes. While in the premises, every effort will be taken to make your child immediately environment clean and hygienic. We practice high standards of cleanliness across all our programmes and premises. We reserve the right to maintain records on your child and you may ask to view these at any reasonable time. Records will be kept secure and
confidential but may be disclosed at our discretion.

Meals, Snacks & Special Dietary Needs

There is a scheduled snack time in the mornings, afternoon and evening. Careful consideration is given to what snacks should be given to the children. Parents are requested to provide sumptuous, healthy food for snacks and lunch and junk food is to be avoided. Parents are required to inform the authorities if their child has allergies to specific foods or ingredients along with medication, if required, in case of an emergency. Little Gems will not
be liable for any medical emergency.

Notifiable Diseases

The pre-school holds a policy on Notifiable Diseases and if your child contracts any infectious illness you must tell us without delay and we will advise you as to whether or not your child can attend the pre-school.


Nappies and wipes must be provided for your child who is not yet potty trained. Any supplied by the pre-school will be charged for. Toilet training will so far as possible be handled in accordance with your specific requests and according to the developmental needs of the individual child.

Administering of First Aid

We are trained to perform Basic First Aid on toddlers and children. In case if anything more serious, professional medical help will be sought and the parents/ guardians will be informed at the earliest.

Administering of Medication

Full details must be given in advance with a signed and dated request if the Little Gems is to administer any medication. Details required will include name of medicine, dosage and times with any special instructions along with a doctor’s prescription.

Arrangements When a Child is ill

If your child becomes ill or unduly distressed during pre-school hours, we will endeavour to contact a parent of the child so that arrangements can be made for early collection. In the interests of other children and staff it will be necessary to exclude any child who has been diagnosed with certain contagious illnesses and diseases.

Child Protection

The pre-school will make every effort to be vigilant for cases of child abuse. The school premises are strictly monitored by CCTV cameras and are supervised by alert and vigilant staff.